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Private Instruction

Many golfers spend hours practicing without specific goals or objectives and are not satisfied with the results. If you are serious about your game, make an appointment with a Palm Desert Golf Academy professional to have a comprehensive swing evaluation and a customized plan that will achieve results. 

Private lessons are best for students who are interested in one-on-one instruction and who wish to practice in between lessons as opposed to enrolling in several hours of continuous instruction

Video Full Swing Lesson | 50 Minutes....$130.00
Palm Desert Golf Academy at Desert Willow uses TrackMan Pro featuring state-of-the-art teaching and swing analysis and comparison capabilities. TrackMan Pro provides the ultimate in video analysis and the opportunity to capture a golfer’s swing speed, launch angle, ball speed and impact position.  Golfers can receive a complete analysis with instructor comments via email.

Putting Lesson  | 50 Minutes....$130.00
Your instructor will evaluate your swing fundamentals, identify your swing faults and prescribe a course of action.

Short Game lesson  | 80 Minutes....$175.00
Turning three putts into two or one can do wonders for your handicap. Our instruction covers putting stroke fundamentals and individual stroke analysis; green reading techniques; general putting drills as well as distance and feel drills.

On Course “Playing Lesson” with PGA Professional  | 120 Minutes....$250.00
Another vital path to better scores, the short game includes instruction advice and techniques for chipping, pitching / lob, and sand play.

Junior Lesson | 50 Minutes....$85.00

For more information and to schedule instruction, golf schools, or clinics please contact the Palm Desert Golf Academy at 760.340.4057 or email at

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